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Auburn-Washburn Budget Information

The Kansas Association of School Boards has provided an analysis of the recently approved Block Grant Bill and how it will impact all districts in Kansas. You can link to the KASB analysis, but USD 437 data is presented below. Click here to access the data. Use the drop down menu in the upper-right hand corner. You can scroll down until you see USD 437 or any other district.

Here are the key points for Auburn-Washburn: The data will show you that the number budgeted for this school year for State Operating Aid (SOA) and Local LOB (the revenue raised locally) was $40,322,140. These are operating dollars (salaries, supplies, health insurance, utilities, fuel, etc.)

The School Block Grant reduced funding during the year to $39,175,002. Capital Outlay State Aid was reduced and there was a significant decrease in LOB State Aid.

There is a slight increase in the SOA + Local LOB in 2015 and 2016 but it never gets back to what we budgeted for this school year. It is not just essentially flat funding for the next two years; it is a loss of funding compared to the beginning of this year.

In looking at the KPERS State Aid line, you will see that the majority of any increase in state aid is in KPERS. That is money committed to funding the state retirement system and does not go to schools.

You can also click here to see an informative fact sheet from KASB about the Block Grant bill.

Out of District Process Updated

The Out of District Process has been updated. Click the link below to download.

Out of District Process

2015-16 Online Registration Available

Online Registration (OLR) is open for the 2015-2016 school year. Log in to Campus Portal and select "Online Registration for Currently Enrolled Students for 15-16 school year", located in your Inbox. Be sure to select the 15-16 school year. If you need assistance, please contact your school or the OLR helpline (785)339-4955.

Families new to the district may complete the New to District registration.

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